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Mambo Cosmico


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Like me, you might initially think that Sonido Gallo Negro aren’t your cup of tea. By the end of Mambo Cosmico’s opening track, my mug was down and my cocktail glass most definitely out.

The Mexican nine piece return with this their third album, and boy has it expanded my musical horizons. The opening title track is a stunner. Warped into tightly composed B-Movie kitsch, the track is as complex as it is slick. Essentially, this is what helps make Mambo Cosmico cool, fun and very danceable.

Since previous releases, the band’s sound has expanded further. Cha Cha, Porro and Mambo all add to the album’s experimental alchemy. Mambo Cosmico is busy, it is carnivalesque and it’s jazzy.

Stand out tracks, ‘La Danza De Los Diablos’ and ‘Quien Sera?’ have a feel good factor that work your slick slacks or frilly skirt into a dance floor frenzy. The band know this all too well; their brass section and cool-jazz vibraphone guide us back to the bar where at times, we feel part of some spaghetti western soundtrack.

Get this album; it’s essential. It’s sour and spicy. It’s Zappa with pineapple chunks.



1. Mambo Cosmico
2. Tolu
3. La Danza De Los Diablos
4. Cumbia Ishtar
5. Quien Sera?
6. La Foc (Cha Cha Cha)
7. Catemaco
8. Mambo Egipcio
9. Danza Del Mar
10. Danz n Fayuquero
11. Cumbia De Sanacion


Released: April 2018
Cat: GBLP056 / Glitterbeat Records