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Doris & The Daggers

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Immediately upon release of lead single ‘Dance (Cry Wolf)’, there was always a feeling that Doris & The Daggers was going to be a really pivotal piece in Spiral’s career and so it proves to be. It is a mature, polished piece of work that explores many “grown-up” concepts in Spiral’s life; the loss of loved ones and fatherhood for instance. And yet, in such explorations as personal loss the record doesn’t pull you into a dark funk as a listener; it has in fact been twirled on its head and offers a very affirmative, embracing listen. Let’s not be under any illusions, this isn’t a record to crank out at your garden party this Summer but nor is it for a sulky Sunday afternoon.

D&TD has (arguable by some I’m sure) the three best opening album tracks that you’ll hear all year. Kicking off with the aforementioned ‘Dance’, this particular trio ends with the shamelessly jaunty ‘Dundee Man’; a track absolutely crammed full of life and high spirit.

Doris & The Daggers has been pressed onto virgin vinyl, which in simple terms means it is as pure (dur!) a wax as can be, and sounds absolutely exquisite for it. The special edition we have in store also comes with a bonus 7” disc


1. Dance (Cry Wolf)
2. Emoshuns
3. Dundee Man
4. Awm
5. No Comparison
6. The Unconditional
7. Trams (Stole My Love)
8. Exiled Tonight
9. Angel Eyes
10. Doris And The Daggers


Released: March 2017
Cat: WIGLP397 / Domino