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Data is the second LP from synth-pop three piece Strange Names, it is a minimalistic and hook-laden record which draws upon retro influences. In this instance it is 80s synths and drum machines. Released on Frenchkiss, the debut single ‘UFO’ is a straightforward piece of pop-music that is centred around a groovy four-to-the-floor drumbeat and driving acid synth line. Strange Names certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel with this track; but they don’t need to. Catchy synth-lines, choppy guitars and punchy snare drums will never fail to keep a listener’s attention and Strange Names absolutely manage to create an exciting track with these well-worn tropes.

Progressive music is always exciting, but more often than not the riskiness of experimentation does not pay off and the result is an unsuccessful record. With Data, Strange Names take elements of music we’ve all heard before and, although the songs are familiar, they remain fresh and exciting because the features they reuse are ultimately timeless.



1. UFO
2. People To Go
3. Keep Walking Away
4. Into Me
5. Circles
6. Medicate
7. Marvelous
8. Rosa
9. Head First
10. Burning Out


Released: February 2018
Cat: FKR0901 / Frenchkiss Records