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Stranger Things Season 2

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There are three types of people in this world; those that eagerly awaited the release of each new episode of Stranger Things, those who have never seen it at all and those who couldn’t ignore the hype any longer and binge-watched both seasons in one week. I am the latter.

I feel the urge to use the word “synth-tastic” to describe this album but I daren’t. So instead I’m going to say that Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have composed a unique instantly recognisable soundtrack that is every bit as incredible as the programme itself.

Stranger Things 2 is a double album of feelings, emotions and nostalgia. It has an unmistakable 80’s feel to it and that must be an incredibly difficult thing to do without it sounding cliché.

If you were still looking for reasons to get your hands on this incredible album, then look no further than the Crystal-Clear Blue & White Splatter' vinyl that is encased in a deluxe heavyweight gatefold sleeve.

If you don’t buy it, you’re a mouth-breather. Eleven out of ten!


  1. Walkin In Hawkins
  2. Home
  3. Eulogy
  4. On The Bus
  5. Presumptuous
  6. Eight Fifteen
  7. The First Lie
  8. Scars
  9. I Can Save Them
  10. Descent Into The Rift
  11. Chicago
  12. Looking For A Way Out
  13. Birth / Rescue
  14. In The Woods
  15. Digging
  16. Symptoms
  17. Eggo In The Snow
  18. Soldiers
  19. Choices
  20. Never Tell
  21. She Wants Me To Find Her
  22. Shouldn’t Have Lied
  23. It’s A Trap
  24. Crib
  25. The Return
  26. Escape
  27. We Go Out Tonight
  28. Connect The Dots
  29. The Hub
  30. On Edge
  31. What Else Did You See?
  32. Run
  33. Levitation
  34. To Be Continued

Released: January 2018
Cat: LSINV194 / Invada