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Original Pirate Material (2018)


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Original Pirate Material is the 2002 debut album by UK producer Mike Skinner aka the Streets. In 2002. Original Pirate Material is largely influenced by hip hop and a booming UK garage scene of the time and considered the best Mike Skinner album. Skinner’s slovenly Brummy rapping about the trials and tribulations of bleak UK life was a far cry from the materialistic bombast of most US hip hop at the time and something that made the album such a hit.

Released: 2018 Reissue
Label: Warner



1. Turn The Page
2. Has It Come to This?
3. Let's Push Things Forward
4. Sharp Darts
5. Same Old Thing
6. Geezers Need Excitement
7. It's Too Late
8. Too Much Brandy
9. Don't Mug Yourself
10. Who Got The Funk?
11. The Irony Of It All
12. Weak Become Heroes
13. Who Dares Wins
14. Stay Positive