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Twentytwo In Blue

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Brooklyn based rock band Sunflower Bean was founded in 2013. It first started as a duo consisting of childhood friends Jacob Faber and Nick Kivlen, but after seeing the band perform at a show, singer/song writer, model, activist and all-round badass Julia Cumming joined as the bassist and lead vocalist.

Twentytwo in Blue is Sunflower Bean’s second studio album and was written through an intense recording process over the course of a whole year. The sound of the album reflects the growing maturity of the band as they have moved out of their late teens and started to come of age. It displays a reckless confidence that so often accompanies the beginning of adulthood – addressing themes such as politics, changing social climates and cultural shifts.

Despite the album’s focus on the politics of today the overall tone is uplifting. After all, Cumming has said in the past that rock-‘n’-roll should “give you strength in the least cheesy way possible” and that’s exactly what Twentytwo in Blue does. It’s an album you’ll love to listen to.



1. Burn It
2. I Was a Fool
3. Twentytwo
4. Crisis Fest
5. Memoria
6. Puppet Strings
7. Only A Moment
8. Human For
9. Any Way You Like
10.Sinking Sands
11. Oh No, Bye Bye


Released: March 2018
Cat: LUCKY115 / Lucky Number