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What A Time To Be Alive


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What a Time to Be Alive is the new full-length album from indie rock foursome Superchunk, released via Merge. Recorded and mixed by Beau Sorenson, the album is Superchunk’s first new release since 2013’s I Hate Music. What a Time to Be Alive is the band’s response to the results of 2016’s U.S. presidential election, and delivers all the punchy defiance you’d expect.

“The album is about a lot of things, but mainly dealing with anxiety and worse in the face in incipient authoritarianism,” Mac McCaughan says. “It would be strange to be in a band, at least our band, and make a record that completely ignored the surrounding circumstances that we live in and that our kids are going to grow up in.” Despite its inherent political message, the album manages to be irreverent, fun and hugely enjoyable, with instantly classic indie tunes and impressive hooks.

Released: February 2018
Cat: MRG620
Label: Merge



1. What a Time to Be Alive
2. Lost My Brain
3. Break the Glass
4. Bad Choices
5. Dead Photographers

1. Erasure
2. I Got Cut
3. Reagan Youth
4. Cloud of Hate
5. All for You
6. Black Thread.