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Release Info: Released July 14th 2017
Product Info: 12" LP
Cat: RPUT22 (Requiem For A Twister)

Supermercado: a mosaic, tangible, colourful to the point of saturation, anchored in a very real present. Behind the metaphor that gives the new album its title, Corridor examines modernity, takes on this transitional transition by looking at where it went wrong: pushed around by big data, apathy induced by oversaturation, the speeding up of cycles, effort stripped to its bare minimum, physical detachment.  

After giving the art-rock and jangle-pop treatment to their first two efforts Un Magicien en toi and Le Voyage Éternel, Corridor sticks to its signature sound: upfront, dissonant guitars upheld by minimal beats and syncopated bass lines, yet also marks a new direction. 

  1. Ce n'est rien
  2. Coup d'epee
  3. Le grand ecart
  4. Mal aux mains
  5. Du Moyen Âge à l'age moyen
  6. L'espoir sans fin Data fontaine
  7. Un long canal
  8. Supermercado
  9. Demain deja
  10. L'histoire populaire de Jonathan Cadeau