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by Suuns
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Joy of joys, there is new Suuns music in the world. Arguably Montreal’s most unique export, Suuns’ fourth full-length Felt is out on Secretly Canadian. Less oppressive than the last two records Images Du Futur and Hold/Still, Felt is generally more accessible; in their own words, “looser” and with “more swagger”.

Swagger itself is loose as far as proper usage of the term goes here, this is still Suuns after all and not ZZ Top. But you can kind of see what singer/guitarist Ben Shemie means by this. Lead single ‘Watch You, Watch Me’ has a more free-spirited, open-ended sound of freedom about it; an expansive landscape in contrast to the small-walled corridors of previous efforts.

Dare we go as far as to suggest Suuns are feeling positive on Felt but another stand-out track ‘Make It Real’, a minimal woozy electronic number, feels optimistic.

Accessible and optimistic is all very well. But look, this is still Suuns and they shan’t be for the masses, not now or ever. Suuns are niche. Suuns are also incredible at what they do best. Felt continues that trend.



1. Look No Further
2. X-ALT
3. Watch You, Watch Me
4. Baseline
5. After the Fall
6. Control
6. Make It Real
8. Daydream
9. Peace and Love
10. Moonbeams
11. Materials


Released: March 2018
Cat: SC360 / Secretly Canadian