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Veblen Death Mask


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Release Info: Released May 5th 2017
Product Info: 12" Purple/Lavender LP
Cat: LPKRS619 (Kill Rock Stars)

Taiwan Housing Project was formed by Kilynn Lunsford (Ex-Little Claw) who, onstage, performs like a reborn Little Richard. Fur clad, ax wielding, slashing, tearing, "flame on." Mark Feehan (ex-Harry Pussy) flanks the stage, picking and grinning like a loosed convict  with a taste for vengeance.

These two began the band as an experiment in perversity but it quickly transformed into a way of life, a hope bringer, and a font of joy for them and their devotees. More members were added (Pat Ganley, Adam Cooper, Kevin Nickles, and Kevin Boyer of groups such as TYVEK, Dan Melchoir, Writhing Squares, Tickley Feather, et al), shows were played, a 45 was released (on the excellent M'Lady's imprint) and now ..... a debut album on Kill Rock Stars, called Veblen Death Mask.

(Not our words, the words of the press release)

  1. Salt Sugar Fire
  2. Authentic Alien Perfume
  3. D'Arc Eruptions
  4. Multidimensional Spectrum
  5. What It's All About
  6. Ideal Body Alignment
  7. Eat Or Be Eat
  8. Luminous Oblong Blur
  9. Subterranean Pedigree
  10. Veblen Death Mask