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We Do What We Can

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Math-rock is so 2007, isn’t it? Is it? No? Oh, okay then. Well in that case Tangled Hair rule, OK!

We Do What We Can is the long-time-coming debut album from the calculated London trio, seven long years in fact since their last released tracks.

When listening to We Do What We Can, one feels in need of an abacus and professor of angles to truly work out all the stuff going on here.

The band themselves said, “Writing a song takes around 6 months of throwing ideas back and forth”, which is easy to see why when you get down and dirty with the intricacies of their tracks. Recording guitar, bass and drums at the same time adds a certain, deliberate or not, improv quality to their sound too.

Flitting between mathy rock vibes, shades of emo and somehow infusing jazzy elements in there too, it’s easy to see the detail involved in being a member of Tangled Hair; the band name itself as good a metaphor as you’ll find to describe them.



1. Loop
2. Turn Around
3. Marfa Sunset
4. Morning Myth
5. Jag Ville Va Kvar
6. Saint George
7. Just For The Taste


Released: March 2018
Cat: BSM215V / Big Scary Monsters