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Life Is Short The Answer's Long

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It’s 1984 and you’re sitting in your bedroom, The Human League look down on you from a poster bought from Athena. You’re playing Pac-Man on your Atari and trying to forget that you just broke up with your girlfriend of 9 days at the Youth Club.

The only thing missing is the perfect soundtrack to accompany the mood. You step in to a Time Machine that you thought was a wardrobe and whizz through time and space to 2018 where you hear this record by The Beat Escape and it encapsulates your mood perfectly.

You see, those long drawn out metaphors are often required to give you a sense of what you’re about to hear. This is modern 80’s electronica repackaged and delivered with a level of song writing sadly lacking 30-years ago.

Put down your Coca-Cola yoyo, take off your Nike Air Jordan’s and turn off The Cosby Show (too soon?), it’s time to listen to Life Is Short The Answer’s Long by The Beat Escape.

You didn’t know you needed this album in your life, until now. Now you know!



1. Sign Of Age
2. Moon In Aquarius
3. Limestone Alps
4. Where Water Ends
5. More Dreams
6. Then I Drift Away
7. Seeing Is Forgetting
8. Thousand Pound Shoes
9. Nemo Propheta


Released: April 2018
Cat: BELLA721V / Bella Union