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Mary Jane Dunphe & Chris McDonnell In The County Liners


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Release: Released November 17th 2017
Product: 12" LP
Cat: WCR078LP (Wharf Cat)

First thing's first, 'Love Letter' is one of the tracks of 2017. An alt-Americana power ballad, it conjures images of a sprawling, timeless American landscape. All blue skies and uninterrupted desert. Pickup trucks and remote gas stations. 'Sweet Home Alabama' and Route 66. It's Americana cliche-city, is what it is. But it's also really quite breathtaking.

So with that The County Liners have a "mini album" out (not an EP?). The County Liners specifically being Mary Jane Dunphe and Chris McDonnell, seen already this year in the new CCFX setup. 


1. Love Letter
2. Walkin’ Out
3. Maria
4. The County Line
5. Oklahoma


(The words of the press release, not us)

‘Love Letter’, the opening track from The County Liners’ debut mini album, cuts “Lucinda Williams’ own particular strain of lonesome” with “Rolling Stones swagger” (NPR) to set the tone for a collection of five “country-rock songs that buck like an old pickup” (NPR).

The County Liners started in Mary Jane Dunphe (Vexx, CC Dust, CCFX) and Chris McDonnell (CC Dust, CCFX, Trans FX)’s country home in Olympia, WA in the winter of 2016. Longtime friends and collaborators, Chris and Mary Jane began writing 80s / 90s inspired country tunes when Mary Jane found herself bedridden with a debilitating ankle injury. Riley Kendig, also living with Dunphe and McDonnell, and Mirce Popovic (Trans FX) joined the band to help arrange and perform these deeply personal songs.