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Midnight Parade

by The Day

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The Day are Laura Loeters from Utrecht/Netherlands and Hamburg based Gregor Sonnenberg. Since meeting at 'Hogeschool voor de kunsten' in Arnhem the two keep reconciling distances, differences and always new approaches and perspectives. What runs like a thread through all of this is the interest to take charge of things themselves, try out and grow on it together.

The Day is where whimsical Dream Pop meets a DIY ethos learned from hardcore. A sparse, springy and rapturous dynamic alternates with a wildly imaginative dream-pop harmony, rock and synths create just as inspiring contrasts as the refreshing, reduced post-punk references. This is continued in the songs by themes that connect and contrast the private and the political as often as possible. The Day's music expresses utopia as well as melancholy in its escapism and thus refuses to be interpreted in an overly fixed way. The band is an international long-distance constellation, an almost celebratory pan-European idea of unification (which sadly can't be emphasized too often in recent months).


1. Island
2. Where The Wild Things Are
3. Grow
4. The Golden Glow
5. Yet To Come
6. Exit Sign
7. We Killed Our Hearts
8. Gravity Has Played Its Part
9. Berlin
10. I Drew A Map
11. The Years
12. Illuminate
13. Folded Paper Planes


Released: January 2019
Cat: SR78 / Sinnbus