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I'll Be Your Girl

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It’s been three years since Portland’s The Decemberists were with us. The eagerly anticipated arrival of I’ll Be Your Girl has been well worth the wait.

Album number eight has a much fuller, more contemporary sound than its predecessor, combining classic song writing with renewed honesty and compelling energy.

The previously subtle background presence of synthesizers has evolved into a key feature of the band’s music this time. Indeed, this is The Decemberists’ keyboard album.

Although many tracks still begin with subtle acoustic guitar work, it is the electronic influence that dominates and in fact makes this album. From the opener ‘Once in my Life’ and its genuine yells of anguish, we sense that this is the beginning of a compelling body of work.

The album’s variety is key. Yes, the synthesizers’ authority pervades, but I’ll Be Your Girl has classic mirror ball disco gems too, most notably on ‘Severed’. The Glam Rock stomp in ‘We All Die Young’ fills out an album of bold ideas, bright colours, charm and development in lyrical maturity.

Stand out track, the stunning ‘Ruselka, Ruselka’, an eight minute journey of shifting tones, pulls the whole album together and leaves us feeling complete. Fantastic stuff.



1. Once In My Life
2. Cutting Stone
3. Severed
4. Starwatcher
5. Tripping Along
6. Your Ghost
7. Everything Is Awful
8. Sucker’s Prayer
9. We All Die Young
10. Rusalka, Rusalka / The 11. Wild Rushes
12. I’ll Be Your Girl


Released: March 2018