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Semicircle is the fifth album from the six-piece Brighton-band, The Go! Team. The album opens with a Morse code message of distress tapping over foot-stomping soul-pop, in ‘Mayday’. The Go! Team leader, Ian Parton, revealed that he always wanted to include Morse code in a song: “when I hit upon the idea of applying a mayday distress signal to love problems I was surprised it had never been done before…I’ve always loved those soul songs which equate boy trouble to emergencies.”

Semicircle plays like an uplifting soundtrack to some lucky person’s life. Perfectly combining the jubilant voices of the Detroit Youth Choir, (featured on ‘Mayday,’ ‘Semicircle Song’ and ‘Getting Back Up’), with the sound of a school band rehearsing in the gym.

The album showcases artists, such as; French singer, Julie Margrat (aka Lispector), who stars on ‘Hey!’. ‘The Answer’s No – Now What’s The Question,’ features Houston-based singer Darenda Weaver; and ‘Plans are Like a Dream U Organise’ showcases the voice of Utrecht singer-songwriter Annelotte de Graaf (Amber Arcades).

The Go! Team have created a unique blend of indie-pop, old-school hip-hop, soul and playground chants. Semicircle is available as a limited-edition neon pink 180g vinyl.



1. Mayday
2. Chain Link Fence
3. Semicircle Song
4. Hey!
5. The Answers No - Now
6. What’s The Question?
7. Chic’s Radical Decade
8. All the Way Live
9. If There’s One Thing You
10. Should Know
11. Tangerine / Satsuma /
12. Clementine
13. She’s Got Guns
14. Pans are Like a Dream U
15. Organise
16. Getting Back Up


Released: January 2018
Cat: MI0477 / Memphis Industries