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If you’ve only dragged your arse into the real world in the past eight or nine years you’d be forgiven for thinking The Longcut were a new band. After all, they’ve not released a thing since Open Hearts in 2009, their second album.

But The Longcut are in fact veterans of sorts; a product of early noughties post-punk indietronica in Manchester. And now singer-cum-drummer Stuart Ogilvie leads the charge into the big, bleak comeback.

New band they may not be then, but a new sound? You betcha. The earnest, hungry exuberance of a band left behind burgeons on the seven years in the making Arrows, their third album in all.

Take ‘Death Mask’. As emboldened a return track as you’ll ever hear. The lead track on Arrows, it is so wonderfully evocative of the mid noughties indietronica scene where The Longcut made their mark the first time around. It sounds like Shy Child or !!! at their peak 00’s prowess.

While they last, Arrows is available on limited (to 500) transparent blue double vinyl.



1. Arrows
2. Punches
3. Fractals
4. Popic
5. Beasts
6. Deathmask
7. Kroqd
8. Brutalist
9. Dancers
10. Monuments


Released: April 2018
Cat: DSR17LP10 / Deltasonic