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This Is Eggland


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Can you take a band called The Lovely Eggs seriously? The answer doesn’t matter, the point is, why would you need to?

The Lovely Eggs are Holly Ross & David Blackwell, on guitar & drums respectively carving out their own egg-shaped niche into the British music scene for over ten years at this point. Album number four is a (very slight) step away from their DIY roots, working with producer (!) David Friddman & fleshing their sound out into a heavier beast than on previous records.

If you must take it seriously, consider the album – as the Shane Meadows reference in the title gives away – a portrait of life in Britain in 2018 from the outsider’s point of view. But, in all honesty, who needs posh tossers singing in American accents when you have real people singing in their hometown accent atop smashing psychedelic punk rock tunes? Not I, for one. 

PS – track three is called “Dickhead” – ten points for that alone

Released: February 2018
Cat: EGG009
LabeL Egg Records



1 Hello I Am Your Sun
2 Wiggy Giggy
3 Dickhead
4 I Shouldn't Have Said That
5 Return Of Witchcraft
6 I'm With You
7 Repeat It
8 Witchcraft
9 Big Sea
10 Let Me Observe
11 Would You Fuck