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The Magic Gang

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This four-piece millennial Brighton based band has spent years cultivating their reputation in the industry. Having met in college – Jack, Kris, Paeris and Gus moved from Bournemouth to Brighton to start their band because they liked the scene and seemed the place to be.

Their self-titled album The Magic Gang is a wonderful combination of overlapping vocal harmonies and bright, intricate melodies. One listen to any of the songs on this album is like stepping into a ray of bright, warm summer sunshine.

Regulars on the Radio 1 playlist and having recently signed with Warner Brothers the industry is abuzz with excitement for the Magic Gang. They’re well known for the emotional openness of their music and this has resonated with a generation that’s constantly seeking a new consciousness.

“Being nice is on trend,” says Kaye, 24, “It’s not cool to be racist or prejudiced or treat people badly. If I’m told that a term is offensive, even if I can’t get my head around why, it would be uncool for me to say, ‘Well, I’m going to use it anyway.’ You can’t tell people what they can and can’t do, but you can tell them how it makes you feel.”


  1. Oh Saki
  2. All This Way
  3. Getting Along
  4. Alright
  5. Caroline
  6. Jasmine
  7. Take Care
  8. Slippin
  9. Your Love
  10. How Can I Compete
  11. I’ll Show You
  12. All That I Want Is You

Released: March 2018
Cat: 190295703677 / Warner