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The Mark Vodka Group


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More effortlessly catchy brilliance from Nova Scotia, Canada, that your ears, speakers and shelves simply cannot live without. You want a quality guarantee? Well, howsabout if I told you that the Mark Vodka Group includes members of the Booji Boys? Their 2019 opus Tube Reducer should still be rattling the walls of your house and making your neighbours question the wisdom of moving next door to one of those ‘punk rockers’ the newspapers warned them about. This is a different prospect to the Boojis, of course. While that group buries deceptively tasteful hooks in clouds of ear-lacerating distortion, the Mark Vodka Group opt for a more immediately accessible level of audibility, while still keeping things firmly in the box marked ‘lo-fi’. They sound like a bare-bones Descendants at their most irritably bratty, stealing the Oblivians’ homework and doodling stupid faces all over the most insightful parts. Or maybe the other way around.

Released: May 2020
Label: Drunken Sailor



1. I Wanna Piss In The Face Of The World
2. Goon
3. Boy (I'm Allergic To You)
4. You're Dreaming
5. Everybody's Punk Now
6. You've Got To Split
7. Now I Wanna Be A Bad Boy
8. All That You've Done For Me
9. Shadow Of Your Former Self
10. Big Time Rocker
11. Big City Smoker
12. I Just Have To Get Her Off My Mind
13. Touch Of Grey
14. Mark's Blues