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Interplanetary Class Classics


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Release Info: Shipping For March 24th 2017
Product Info: Heavyweight 12" LP
Cat: TRANS266X (Transgressive)

The whirring electronic buzz that features so heavily on this record evokes feelings of the electro-analogue 1970’s, like The Flying Lizards or Sparks. It is exactly what the soundtrack to a remake of A Clockwork Orange would sound like today, with electronic psycho-active waves lapping across a landscape of desolation and disaffection but always keeping to the right side of what we can call great pop music rather than an experiment. In keeping with the Clockwork Orange theme there’s plenty of ‘the old in-out, in-out’ smut to go around too, with 2017’s best verse yet on ‘Black Hanz’, “And every day is like a kick in the cunt. Oh, you are like a never ending time of the month” which on paper could be mistaken for a violent insult from some young punk upstarts but amongst all the gorgeous haze here it doesn’t register in the angry way that it suggests. And of course, there’s more than enough tongue in cheek going around on this record anyway. Take ‘Glory Hole’ for instance, which features Randy the cowboy from Village People… actually, need I say more?

Amongst the fuzzing and buzzing there are plenty of psycho-billy influences at play here too, akin to the mighty Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster for sure. And if, like me, you put those guys on a pedestal then Interplanetary Class Classics is an instant, wholly likeable, all-round, instant success.


1. Vessels
2. Sweet Saturn Mine
3. Black Hanz
4. I.D.S
5. The Strangle Of Anna
6. Theme For Valhalla Dale
7. The Rabies Are Back
8. Neuf du Pape
9. Glory Hole
10. Lufthansa Man
11. This Cities Undone