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Silver Dollar Moment


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It surely can’t only be the opinion of this particular writer that the Orielles sound a bit like what it must feel like to jump headfirst into a vat of fluffy marshmallows? What do you mean “no”? No, you shut up… ahem… what are we doing again? Ah yes, The Orielles! I have to apologise, but they do have that effect! Dreamy, wonderful melodies. Perfect guitar pop music.

Silver Dollar Moment is a luscious slab of 90’s alternative sugary YUM! Think of a trio of young oiks who’ve binged out their childhoods on Pixies, Sonic Youth, dare we say Lush? You can picture them whiling away their time, sifting through classified ads for second hand Fender Jaguars and consuming Tarantino (seriously, he’s cited as an influence) flicks like their peers do X-Factor (blurgh) … oh and did we mention they come from HALIFAX? Not at all a bad thing, but wow! Unexpected. Unexpected and quite brilliant. Seriously now, we cannot believe that this record has been produced by people who some would consider (quite rightly) to be children. The future is theirs.

One final thing, do you like blue vinyl? Of course you do!

Released: February 2018
Cat: HVNLP147
Label: Heavenly Recordings



1. Mango
2. Old Stuff New Stuff
3. Sunflower Seeds
4. Let Your Dog Tooth Grow
5. Liminal Spaces
6. The Sound Of Liminal Spaces (Edit)
7. I Only Bought It For The Bottle
8. Henry’s Pocket
9. 48 Percent
10. Borrachero Tree
11. Snaps
12. Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)