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Build A Tower


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Manchester is associated with a vast amount of musical talent, and Oasis. The Slow Readers Club are potentially the next band to be produced and influenced by the landscapes of this romanticised moody city; so romanticised that the author of this article used to tell people he was from Manchester despite being from Stoke.

Released via Modern Sky Entertainment the band’s third album, Build A Tower, could be described as a cleaner and more produced Joy Division or perhaps an English version of Interpol. The hallmarks of post-punk are all over this album, big pounding drums lock in tightly with dance floor driven basslines whilst baritone vocals soar over the top, only to be punctuated with broken guitar lines.

The key addition that The Slow Readers Club bring to this well-known sound is to make it stadium-sized. This is not a band who are afraid of the limelight and the production demonstrates this desire as the LP sounds as though it has been recorded in a sound-treated church; squeaky clean yet thunderously loud.

Released: May 2018
Cat: 190296957079
Label: Modern Sky Entertainment



1) Lunatic
2) Supernatural
3) You Opened Up My Heart
4) Never Said I Was The Only One
5) On The TV
6) Through The Shadows
7) Lives Never Known
8) Not Afraid Of The Dark
9) Lost In Your Gaze
10) Distant Memory