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Combat Sports

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The Vaccines return in a glorious indie-revival, almost as big as the famous resurgence of 2013, after a three-year hiatus with their fourth album Combat Sports. This album, available on standard 12” vinyl and a limited edition deluxe orange 12” vinyl via Columbia, will inevitably become the soundtrack to drinking cheap knock off cider in parks, nervous fumbling in bushes and Reading Festival. The indie-kids of today, the marketing executives of tomorrow, will relate to the celebration of youthful antics. Debut single ‘Nightclub’ is just the track to play in the car when driving to your mate’s house party; its main hook being so chant worthy it’s a contender for a future anthem.

For an older audience the initial charm of such youthful music may be lost. But with everything considered and all joking aside Combat Sports is a record about having fun, not taking life too seriously and one that incites singing with your friends. The youth of today, and the adults of today, need this record. It shouldn’t be taken seriously, nor does it want to be and that’s what makes it so powerful. It’s pure and simple enjoyment on a 12” vinyl.



1. Put It On a T-Shirt
2. I Can’t Quit
3. Your Love Is My Favourite Band
4. Surfing in the Sky
5. Maybe (Luck of the Draw)
6. Young American
7. Nightclub
8. Out On The Street
9. Take It Easy
10. Someone To Lose
11. Rolling Stones


Released: March 2018
Cat: Columbia