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The Walking Dead


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‘The Walking Dead’ hit our screens 8 years ago, since then it has harnessed not just a TV show, but an entire world within itself and its fans. To be honest any fan (myself included) knows this soundtrack is long overdue, but much like every series ‘AMC’ releases, boy was it was worth the wait. Here it is, The Walking Dead: Original Television Soundtrack.

Featuring over 20 tracks this vinyl will take your senses through every heartache, every success and every failure our death defying heroes faced during their time in the dystopian world they conquer. When the theme tune is as memorable as theirs, just imagine the nostalgia the double figured track list will deliver. The coloured double 12" LP comes attached with a pull out collectors poster as well as a pull-out insert with liner notes, really making this album something to look at, and not just listen to.

It’s always important to remember only the very best release their music, and that only happens when the music is equally as moving as the picture. So without sounding too cheesy, prepare to be moved.



1. Theme From The Walking Dead
2. Rick’s Despair
3. Glenn’s Wheels
4. Lord Of The Vatos
5. Bag Of Guns
6. Message To Morgan
7. Herd On The Highway
8. Sophia
9. Coalescence
10. Eulogy
11. Carl
12. Farm Invasion
13. Beside The Dying Fire
14. C-Section
15. The Governor
16. Bye, Baby Bunting
17. A Return To Compassion
18. The Badge
19. Welcome To The Tombs
20. Reconciliation
21. Three Questions
22. Negan
23. The Day Will Come


Released: November 2017
Cat: LKS35033 / Lakeshore