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A Deeper Understanding


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Kicking on from one of the most acclaimed albums of the decade (2014's Lost In The Dream) was never going to be easy but from the moment lead track 'Holding On' dropped, Adam Granduciel's The War On Drugs made a real intent on doing so. Additional new tracks 'Strangest Thing' and 'Pain' have encouragingly followed suit. It's all more of the same in truth; one could slot these numbers effortlessly into Lost In The Dream but what isn't broken doesn't need taping up, right? The biggest switch was in the signing to one of the majors in Atlantic Records for this album, which will come at the cost of a Nick Grimshaw love-up no doubt. But despite our niggling irritations towards majors, The War On Drugs are one band that we could never begrudge. 

Don't expect A Deeper Understanding to hit anywhere near as hard as Lost In The Dream did - a task almost certainly impossible - but it is a record more than worthy of its place among the bigger hitters of the year so far.

Released: August 2017
Cat: 0075678660627
Label: Atlantic



    1. Up All Night
    2. Pain
    3. Holding On
    4. Strangest Thing
    5. Knocked Down
    6. Nothing To Find
    7. Thinking of a Place
    8. In Chains
    9. Clean Living
    10. You Don’t Have To Go