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Hold On To Your Heart

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Hold on to Your Heart is the much anticipated fourth album from Brighton-based emo-rockers: The Xcerts. The album begins with the decadent piano ballad, ‘The Dark’, which establishes the moody lyrical content of the album. The second track, ‘Daydream’, summons an uplifting 80s euphoria, which, according to the band’s front-man, Murray Macleod, dictated the direction of the rest of the album.

‘Drive Me Wild’ and ‘Cry’ are instantly modern-classics, with solid anthemic-rock grooves and smokin’ saxophone solos. Macleod reveals his personal thoughts on the album: “Hold on to Your Heart to me very much represents the light and the dark, because that’s life, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down.”

According to Scottish legend, Macleod and bassist; Jordan Smith, met as 13-year-olds in their headmaster’s office. The final third of the band is completed by drummer Tom Heron.

The album is available on 12” vinyl, and what’s not to love? Hold on to Your Heart, plays like a nostalgic, angst-filled Netflix original. The 80s sounding production hints at classics from Springsteen, whereas the writing is suggestive of fellow Scotsmen, Biffy Clyro. This album is one for the love-lorn rocker.



1. The Dark
2. Daydream
3. Feels Like Falling In Love
4. First Kiss Feeling
5. Crazy
6. Hold On To Your Heart
7. Drive Me Wild
8. We Are Gonna Live
9. Show Me Beautiful
10. Cry


Released: January 2018
Cat: RAY035 / Raygun Records