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Le Tunnel Végétal


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Thousand is the moniker of French artist Stéphane Milochevitch and Le Tunnel Végétal is his second album, released on French label Talitres.

There’s a sort of mystical, anonymous charm about Le Tunnel Végétal. There isn’t a whole host of readily available information sprawled across the net, which is crazy unusual in 2018. Add to that an entirely French-spoken record that is positively dripping in gorgeously soulful European pop-noir and we have something incomparably interesting.

One of the standout tracks ‘La Vie De Mes Sœurs’ (‘The Life Of My Sisters’, I think) exemplifies this perfectly; a beautiful, swaying pop song without once overstepping that imaginary “kitsch Euro-pop” line that us stiff English speakers like to draw up. Le Tunnel Végétal is soulful, earnest electro-pop, done at its finest and absolutely demands to be taken seriously.

A comparison that may only be apparent to me (though I do hope not), is a warm reminiscence of The Stranglers 1980’s foray into European pop, the zeal on Le Tunnel Végétal akin to Jean-Jacques Burnel’s French drawl on ‘La Folie’ or even their 1983 taverna-twanging ‘European Female’.


  1. Salomé qui danse
  2. La Vie de mes soeurs
  3. Long Song for Zelda
  4. Ma Vénus
  5. La Relève
  6. Le Nombre de la bête
  7. La Nuit des plus beaux jours de ta vie
  8. La Vision
  9. Narval
  10. L'Acte de

Released: March 2018
Cat: TAL097 / Talitres