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Glasgow’s psychedelic folk revivalists Trembling Bells arrive with their 7th, and easily darkest offering, Dungeness.

For fans of the band’s free and experimental past, this is classic Trembling Bells, but Dungeness also takes us into much louder and bleaker territories than on previous releases. In fact, this album rocks right out loud.

Thematically, Dungeness sprawls over mortality and transience, appearing to take us to the end of the world at times. Single release ‘I’m Coming’, with its apocalyptic grandness, is evidence of this as it reaches its wild vocal climax, seams tearing and splitting as it closes.

The fantastic ‘Knocking on the Coffin’ drags out the wah wah pedal for a head banging classic, while the gravity defying vocals on stand out track, ‘The Prophet’, sees the band’s first real, and somewhat successful foray into stoner doom territory.

The Trembling Bells of 2018 have created a unique aural experience on Dungeness. It is a modern record that enjoys rocking all over the past. It charters a life that is a macabre joke. Group founder Alex Neilson is clear; he wanted Dungeness’ listeners to “appeal to their sense of human frailty as much as their pelvis.” I did and you should.



1. Big Nothing
2. Knockin’ On The Coffin
3. My Father Was A Collapsing Star
4. Death Knocked At My Door
5. Christ’s Entry Into Govan
6. The Prophet
7. Devil In Dungeness
8. This Is How The World Will End
9. I’m Coming
10. Rebecca, Dressed As A Waterfall


Released: March 2018
Cat: TAR082 / Tin Angel