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Walls Of Dada


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Released: Expected May 5th 2017
Product Info: Limited to x300 Pink 12" LP Incl. DL code
Cat: SNSM5LP2017 (Saturday Night Sunday Morning)

Walls of Dada is a brutalist cold-wave pop project consisting of Chris Olley from Six By Seven and Peter G. Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols. The project has been crowd-funded through Kickstarter and described as “a project to make a cool piece of vinyl which your record collection cannot afford to be without”. Upon listening for the first time we tend to agree.

Due to Chris’ aversion to using computers to make music, the record is beautifully crafted in analogue utilising a lot of vintage guitars and pedals and synths, while everything was recorded through amps. The record was essentially completed in two chunks; Chris laying a drum machine through an amp before sequencing an analogue synth to it and recording onto an 8-track recorder. Then, the mix was sent to Pete who would add guitars, bass and synths.

And that’s it. No additional overdubs or compression was added and no over-mastering; a laudable hark-back to the early electro-analogue experiments of the 1980’s; demonstrated no better than on lead track ‘You Pollute Me’, a near five-minute post-punk explosion.

The result of a year’s work for the duo is an eight track red/pink 12” LP in an extremely limited quantity of just 300.


1 You Pollute Me

2 Tung

3 Born Ruthless

4 Anything

5 I Never Promised You


7 Pigman

8 There is Only This (DOWNLOAD)

1 Behave

2 Rope

3 Time Call