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The World's Best American Band

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Release Info: Released April 7th 2017
Product Info: 12" LP Incl. Lyrics Poster & DL code
Cat: PRC-323 (Polyvinyl)

Louisville four-piece White Reaper have ostensibly been labelled as a garage rock band. Now we cannot be entirely sure what occurred in the intervening years between albums, other than a couple of haircuts (they haven’t quite done a Metallica) but one would assume a discovery of or, at the very least, a fad for 80’s US rock. Previously, White Reaper will have been most likely to be associated with ceiling-too-low, sweaty hovels but now they have turned full-on stadium rock on us. This isn’t even a metaphor really, it’s practically a fact; evident on album opener and title track ‘The World’s Best American Band’ that opens with the sound of a huge cheering crowd as if to project the image of the biggest band in the world taking the stage at the Super Bowl half-time show. Then the drums kick in. At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’ by ZZ Top was happening but soon enough the track becomes its own, the crowd dials back and the record kicks on with all the pomp and swagger of a Rolling Stones gig at Wembley.

Aside from the pre-album titillations, ‘Judy French’, ‘The World’s Best…’ and ‘The Stack’, which are all up there as the best cuts on the album, other standout tracks include ‘Crystal Pistol’ and ‘Party Next Door’ that have something very glam going on; akin almost to a straight-up garage form of Slade or The Sweet if such a thing could exist.   

Now to over-analyse this record any further would be to miss the point. Some bands exist to make us think, to experience and feel, to decipher. And some bands exist to get us up to have a fucking good time. I mean, look at the album title; talk about tongue well lodged in cheek. The previous record was titled ‘White Reaper Does It Again’; this is a band who piss pure slacker rock and roll sensibilities, they haven’t time or inclination for over-thinking the details.


01. The World’s Best American Band
02. Judy French
03. Eagle Beach
04. Little Silver Cross
05. The Stack
06. Party Next Door
07. Crystal Pistol
08. Tell Me
09. Daisies
10. Another Day