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Empty Words

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Empty Words is the second full length album from Mancunian psych-pop project Whyte Horses, headed-up by Dom Thomas – who also happens to be the co-founder of re-issue label Finders Keepers – and follows their hugely successful 2016 debut Pop Or Not.

Recorded mostly at Mike Burnam’s Love Buzz Studios in London, Empty Words is a wholly uplifting 16-track strong experience. Title track ‘Empty Words’ is a sugary-sweet pop classic, similar to the raft of teeny style pop we’ve seen so far this year in The Go! Team or Superorganism.

Single ‘The Best Of It’ also finds La Roux in collaboration for a relatively short and sweet pop gem with early 90’s spangled edging, while Mélanie Pain of Nouvelle Vague also guests across the record.



1. Counting Down The Years
2. Never Took The Time
3. Greatest Love In Town
4. This Dream
5. Empty Words
6. Any Day Now
7. Prelude
8. Watching TV
9. Ecstacy Song
10. The Best Of It
11. The Return
12. Fake Protest Song
13. Dawn Dont You Cry
14. Nightmares Aren't real
15. Fear Is Such A...
16. Ride Easy


Released: March 2018
Cat: CRC054 / CRC Music