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Love Is Love

by Woods
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Release Info: Released May 19th 2017
Product Info: 12" LP
Cat: WOODSIST090 (Woodsist)

Brooklyn’s busiest band release their tenth studio album following last year’s acclaimed ‘City Sun Eater In The River Of Light’. Entitled ‘Love Is Love’ the story appears to go that Wood’s recorded the album shortly after 2016’s bombshell US election and thus has a political narrative. Not that you would know it without taking note of the lyrics. Woods don’t tend to do openly downtrodden; this is flower-power style activism calling on the world to love again without being too up in your face about it. Just in case anybody were to miss the point from the album title alone, the record is bookended by two versions of the same song, both entitled ‘Love Is Love’.

I’m no statistician but the line “say that love is love” could well be the most used line in an album this year. It becomes almost a subliminal message amidst the conga of brass band and electric guitar. By the end of the record it becomes clear, “say that love is love” is not a request but a pleading to the world. It’s very John and Yoko, I suppose, but like Woods do so well it is all set against a terrific carnival backdrop.


1. Love Is Love
2. Bleeding Blue
3. Lost In A Crowd
4. Spring Is In The Air
5. Hit That Drum
6. Love Is Love (Sun On Time)