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Blooming ‘eck, where do you start with this lot. Well, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan are an alternative/experimental rock band and –probably more eminently – performing art troupe from Canada. Complete with a full-time projectionist (how many bands can you say that about?), Yamantaka // Sonic Titan make a proggy sort of heavy rock (at times really heavy in fact), keeping the theatrics but holding the ostentation. “Noh-wave”, they call it.

Dirt is their third full-length album, released on Paper Bag, and follow’s 2013’s UZU, a Polaris Prize nominated record (Canada’s answer to the Mercury Prize). Expanding on an already far-reaching sound, Dirt incorporates Asian and indigenous influences for a truly progressive-as-it-gets experience.

Take album highlight ‘Yandere’, an incredibly wide-ranging track that’ll knock your progging socks off. One minute it’s busting with the ferocity of At The Drive In and the next we’re damn near in bubblegum pop melody territory. Truly spectacular stuff.

Did we mention this initial first run is a limited white vinyl too? Just did.



1. Karonhiake
2. Someplace
3. Dark Waters
4. Yandere
5. The Decay
6. Beast
7. Hungry Ghost
8. Dirt
9. Tawine
10. Out Of Time


Released: March 2018
Cat: PAPER109 / Paper Bag Records