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There's A Riot Going On

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Here’s a challenge for you; how many bands can you name that have released 15 studio albums? There aren’t that many I can tell you.

Well, There’s A Riot Going On is indeed Yo La Tengo’s 15th studio album. That’s a career that spans back to 1984, back when Footloose, Karate Kid and Gremlins were the must-see films at the local cinema.

In that time they have managed to build up a huge cult following without ever becoming massive anywhere. This album is testimony as to why they are still going and why they are still as current as ever.

There’s no doubt that YLT have a sound that is all their own, one of 90’s dreamy indie pop-rock and this collection of 15 songs (coincidence? I have no idea!) is all that, and more.

There’s A Riot Going On is a vinyl-spinning contradiction of itself; it’s dreamy yet upbeat, it’s 90’s yet modern and it’s complex but simple. Enjoy!



1. You Are Here
2. Shades of Blue
3. She May, She Might
4. For You Too
5. Ashes
6. Polynesia #1
7. Dream Dream Away
8. Shortwave
9. Above the Sound
10. Let's Do It Wrong
11. What Chance Have I Got
11. Esportes Casual
12. Forever
13. Out of the Pool
14. Here You Are


Released: March 2018
Cat: OLE11668 / Matador