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Take Me To Your Leader (2023 Reissue)

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20th anniversary edition of Take Me to Your Leader, the second studio album by British-American MC/producer MF DOOM, released under the alias King Geedorah. 

Re-issue is original artwork, 2LP black vinyl and packaged with the original 7” black vinyl of Anti-Matter.

Released: June 2023
Cat: BD051XX
Label: Ninja Tune





1. Anti-Matter
2. I Wonder

Take Me To Your Leader
1. Fazers
2. Fastlane (feat. Biolante)
3. Krazy World (feat. Gian)
4. The Final Hour (feat. MF DOOM)
5. Monster Zero
6. Next Levels (feat. Lil’ Sci, ID 4 Winds & Stahhr)
7. No Snakes Alive (feat. Jet-Jaguar & Rodan)
8. Anti-Matter (feat. MF DOOM & Mr Fantastik)
9. Take Me To Your Leader
10. Lockjaw (feat. Trunks)
11. I Wonder (feat. Hassan Chop)
12. One Smart Nigger
13. The Fine Print

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