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We buy records. Click here for the info
We buy records. Click here for the info



Placing a pre-order is not a 100% guarantee that your order will be fulfilled. Almost all are, but some vinyl items are super limited and even we do not always know how many copies we will have until the week of release. When you place a pre-order you are added to a list, which is then fulfilled in order. If we are worried about being able to fulfill your pre-order, we will usually e-mail you right away to let you know of any concerns.

If we are unable to fulfill your pre-order, we will of course process a full refund immediately.

Paying for Pre-Orders

We know that it's annoying to pay upfront for an item you won't receive for weeks or months. Sadly the build of our website does not allow us to do anything about this as the payment gateway side of things will insist on taking payment at the time of ordering, rather than at the time of fulfillment.

However, there is a get-around. If you want to pre-order something with us but don't want to pay weeks or months in advance, simply drop us an e-mail [] or use the Contact Us form and ask us to place the order for you. By doing so, we are able to manually configure the order so that you don't need to pay upfront. Then, when the item comes in we simply contact you to settle up before getting your item(s) sent out to you. Many of our regulars do exactly this.


For limited items, pre-orders will often be restricted to one or two copies per person. This is in the interest of fairness. If you order multiple copies of a limited item, you may find this reduced down to a single copy. If this happens you will receive an e-mail from us to notify you.



Naturally, pre-order items will ship once they have arrived with us. This is usually only one or two days before general release date. We get these out quickly, but please don’t assume it will be on your doormat for release date.

If you have a pre-order item in the same order as an in-stock item, it will hold shipping back on your in-stock item until all items are in. Contact Us if you want to change this and we will split the order into two (additional shipping charges will apply). Best advice: always place a separate order for pre-order items.