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The first thing to say about Viscerals – the third album by psych-rockers Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – is that in an era of underwhelming album artwork, Viscerals is a real doozy! The second thing to say is that Viscerals is sure to be the record that puts Pigs x7 right at the zenith of the UKs psych-rock scene. Viscerals retains the intensity of previous albums King Of Cowards and Feed The Rats but is broader and more confident; reassuringly pulverizing but perhaps more approachable, dare we say. Viscerals has been pressed in an array of blood-related colour themes. We have the ‘Drained of Blood’ (red) and limited edition ‘Blood and Guts’ (red with yellow swirl) colours. A digital download code is included across all vinyl versions.

Released: April 2020
Cat: LAUNCH184
Label: Rocket Recordings



1. Reducer
2. Rubbernecker
3. New Body
4. Blood and Butter
5. World Crust
6. Crazy in Blood
7. Halloween Bolson
8. Hell's Teeth

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Staff Review
The best heavy rock album by a British band in a long time

Seasoned hard rockers will get the hump with me for saying this, but Viscerals is the best heavy rock album by a British band in a long time. Calm yourself! The world is just a fabrication, this opinion really means diddly! Significantly, Pigs x7 have now found the sweet spot. They have the driving riffs that radio DJ’s like (and all Dad’s probably) but don’t compromise their progressive psych origins. The songs still careen and straggle different rock sub-genres, and riffs are reassuringly pulverising too, but there is an undeniable approachability to Viscerals that has not been there before. Pigs x7 have had a few goes at it now and with Viscerals, they have totally nailed it.