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The Harmony Codex


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THE HARMONY CODEX - the seventh album by Steven Wilson - takes you on a trip. A genre-spanning collection that opens up like a musical puzzle box, it presents a series of endlessly beautiful vistas that roll out and shift in front of you. Arguably the best album Wilson has made during a career that’s spanned more than three decades both as a band leader and as a solo artist, it represents the apotheosis of a life spent fully absorbed in music.

While The Harmony Codex nods to records from Steven Wilson’s recent past, at times echoing the paranoid rumble of 2008’s Insurgentes, the crystalline electronics of 2021’s The Future Bites and the expansive storytelling of 2013’s The Raven That Refused To Sing (and Other Stories), here he has managed to create something entirely unique, a record that exists outside of the notion of genre. And although The Harmony Codex is a record made with spatial audio in mind, it’s not one that needs an elaborate sound system to lift you out of body - two speakers and an open mind will do just fine.

Steven Wilson is a singular talent, an artist/producer, his last album - 2021’s The Future Bites - charted at No 4 in the UK and was nominated for 2 Grammys. He is the founding member of Porcupine Tree, whose last album (2022’s Closure/Continuation) charted at No 2.  Steven has also received multiple Grammy nominations for his spatial audio work, having recently remixed artists such as Chic, King Crimson, ABC, Roxy Music, A Ha, Suede, Tears for Fears and Guns N’ Roses.

Released: September 2023
Cat: SW7V
Label: SW Records



CD / Digital
1. Inclination
2. What Life Brings
3. Economies of Scale
4. Impossible Tightrope
5. Rock Bottom
6. Beautiful Scarecrow
7. The Harmony Codex
8. Time Is Running Out
9. Actual Brutal Facts
10. Staircase

LP Set [All Variants]
LP1 – Side A
1. Inclination
2. What Life Brings
3. Economies of Scale
LP1 – Side B
1. Impossible Tightrope
2. Rock Bottom
LP2 – Side A
1. Beautiful Scarecrow
2. The Harmony Codex
LP2 – Side B
1. Time Is Running Out
2. Actual Brutal Facts
3. Staircase

1. Inclination
2. Inclination - 5.1 Mix
3. Inclination - Dolby Atmos
4. What Life Brings
5. What Life Brings - 5.1 Mix
6. What Life Brings - Dolby Atmos
7. Economies of Scale
8. Economies of Scale - 5.1 Mix
9. Economies of Scale - Dolby Atmos
10. Impossible Tightrope
11. Impossible Tightrope - 5.1 Mix
12. Impossible Tightrope - Dolby Atmos
13. Rock Bottom
14. Rock Bottom - 5.1 Mix
15. Rock Bottom - Dolby Atmos
16. Beautiful Scarecrow
17. Beautiful Scarecrow - 5.1 Mix
18. Beautiful Scarecrow - Dolby Atmos
19. The Harmony Codex
20. The Harmony Codex - 5.1 Mix
21. The Harmony Codex - Dolby Atmos
22. Time Is Running Out
23. Time Is Running Out - 5.1 Mix
24. Time Is Running Out - Dolby Atmos
25. Actual Brutal Facts
26. Actual Brutal Facts - 5.1 Mix
27. Actual Brutal Facts - Dolby Atmos
28. Staircase
29. Staircase - 5.1 Mix
30. Staircase - Dolby Atmos
31. Economies of Scale [Official Music Video]
32. The Harmony Codex [Official Music Video]

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