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We buy records. Click here for the info
We buy records. Click here for the info


In order to combat, or help cope with at least, the economic hard times we all find ourselves in, we're making some temporary changes to how we order stock, which will inevitably have some sort of impact on the in-store experience.

New Releases

Due largely to inconsistent sales during this time, which includes even those new releases that we're usually odds on to sell out of, we are SEVERELY cutting back on the New Releases that we order in each week. 

Aside from the, for want of a better word, obvious new releases, we will be reducing the new items we get in each week until (if) things every right themselves.

What you can do to help

If there is a release coming up that you are fairly sure you will want, tell us and we'll make sure we get it. 

Back Orders

Where we've always tried to order back catalogue items in and get them to you super quickly, lead times on getting back catalogue items in will increase in many cases. This is because when we order back catalogue items, we usually need to place orders with suppliers for a specific number of items and/or minimum spend. 

Due to demand for these items being less at the moment, we are finding ourselves 'making orders up' with items we don't necessarily need so that we can get your item out quickly. Over time, this is counter-productive for us. This means that, for now, we may need to let requests for back catalogue items build up until we have enough to go into suppliers.