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Chiastic Slide (2021 Reissue)


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★ Double LP housed in printed inner sleeves with spot UV, in a wide-spine outer sleeve with spot UV. Also includes download code.

Chiastic Slide, apparently taking its name from an eye condition, is a masterpiece of abstract music, rooted as much in the Kraftwerk playground as it is in Pierre Henry or Pierre Schaeffer and the 'musique concrete' movement. The album opens with the organic 'Cipater', which sees its original beat pattern slowly overpowered by a second one, to the point where the old adapts itself to the new. the rest of Chiastic Slide is equally as disturbing, challenging, and beautiful. The music, also seemingly static, evolves, changes, morphs almost imperceptibly. the strange rhythmic structures, fragile backbone for minimalist melodies, are metallic and abrasive, with no apparent defined constitution. Despite its relative complexity, the music of Autechre is simple and basic, attractive and exhilarating, and Chiastic Slide is their most accomplished album.​

Released: November 2021
Label: Warp



1 Cipater
2 Rettic AC
3 Tewe
4 Cichli
5 Hub
6 Calbruc
7 Recury
8 Pule
9 Nuane

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