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Making A New World


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Northern brothers David and Peter Brewis, better known as the core of Field Music, return with seventh studio album Making A New World. Never likely to be straightforward, Making A New World is inspired by the events of the first world war, or rather, the stories that were there to be told in the aftermath. Not about the bloody conflict itself, but the aftereffects and the knock-on progressions in science, art and social living. Highbrow, naturally. Making A New World is available in an indie store exclusive 180g red vinyl. A digital download is included.

Released: January 2020
Cat: MI0569
Label: Memphis Industries



1. Sound Ranging
2. Silence
3. Coffee or Wine
4. Best Kept Garden
5. I Thought You Were Something Else
6. Between Nations
7. A Change of Heir
8. Do You Read Me?
9. From a Dream, Into My Arms
10. Beyond That of Courtesy
11. A Shot To The Arm
12. A Common Language Pt 1
13. A Common Language Pt 2
14. Nikon Pt 1
15. Nikon Pt 2
16. If The Wind Blows Towards The Hospital
17. Only In a Man's World
18. Money Is a Memory
19. An Independent State