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Lightbulbs (Impossible Objects of Desire Edition)

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Over the last two decades Brighton’s Fujiya & Miyagi have been steadily building a vast body of work that explores 1970’s Germany-tinged beats, whip smart electronica, intoxicating disco, shimmering pop and generally concocting an idiosyncratic blend of dance music that sounds utterly and uniquely their own.

The group have decided to revisit their 2008 record, Lightbulbs, as it had been out of print since its initial release. The follow up to Transparent Things, the record includes the singles ‘Knickerbocker’, ‘Sore Thumb and ‘UH’ - the latter song has steadily increased in popularity due to its use in the first season of ‘Breaking Bad’.

Lightbulbs still remains unquestionably Fujiya & Miyagi sounding, tweaking their past aesthetic whilst creating a bridge to where they would travel next. With a plush new re-master, the album sounds crisper and punchier than it did before. It’s a fascinating snapshot of a group in transition as they start to shed their formative influences and travel onwards.

Released: January 2022
Label: Impossible Objects Of Desire



1. Knickerbocker
2. Uh
3. Pickpocket
4. Goosebumps
5. Rook To Queen’s Pawn Six
6. Sore Thumb
7. Dishwasher
8. Pterodactyls
9. Pussyfooting
10. Lightbulbs
11. Hundreds & Thousands
12. Je Ne Comprend Pas (Bonus Track)
13. One Trick Pony (Bonus Track)

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