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Chapel Perilous

by Gnod
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Gnod are absolutely fucking bone-crushing.

I could leave it there, I really could. They are heavy in a way that isn’t born of indulgent try-hard licks and shredding guitars or trying to be the loudest or fastest band on the planet. They are heavy in a way that makes you not so much head-bang as bang your head against the poor bastard sat next to you. But I’d ask that you don’t.

However history ultimately judges Chapel Perilous will be seen but one thing is for certain, in lead track ‘Donovan’s Daughters’ Gnod have created one of experimental doom rock’s most incredible slow deaths. A protracted, 15 minute go on the torture rack with a 10-minute mark drop so terrifying that you can only pray that God is watching over all future mosh pits.

But then this is what Gnod do. Protracted, drawn-out fucking horror. Gnod are the tense psychological thriller versus the stomach churning blood and guts-fest of death metal. Let the poison soak in nice and deep and then, when the time is right, give it Hell.

Following their acclaimed and now quite notoriously titled last album, Just Say No The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine, Gnod would do well to capture people’s attention in the same way again, especially just one year on. But by God they’ve done it, and how.

Available on limited clear vinyl with black splatter.



01 Donovan’s Daughters
02 Europa
03 Voice From Nowhere
04 A Body
05 Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down


Released: May 2018
Cat: LAUNCH132 / Rocket Recordings