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Slow Sundown

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The balancing act of familiarity and originality when writing music is a fine line to tread. Too much originality and the songs alienate listeners, too much familiarity and there will already be better examples. By writing shoegaze Holy Motors are in dangerous territory, the genre has been pushed again and again since My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless in 1991. However, Slow Sundown, released via Wharf Cat as a limited edition hand-stamped and numbered deluxe 12” LP with poster (sorry, this is a sales pitch after all), takes the elements of shoegaze that have kept it within the musical sphere and manipulates them to make it fresh.

The guitar melodies in ‘Honeymooning’ introduce a spaghetti western theme which conjures up images of a vast desert. This theme is, to my ears at least, entirely novel within the genre but is also entirely fitting as the vast expanse of the desert reflects the endless layering of melodies and instruments that is so prominent within shoegaze, thus familiarity is retained but with additional original ideas.

In short, Slow Sundown is a careful and tasteful alteration of a worn-out genre, one that becomes an exciting exploration of shoegaze’s unknown territories.



1. Honeymooning
2. Valley
3. Silently For Me
4. Signs
5. I Will Try
6. Ghost Of Heart
7. Sleeprydr
8. Outro


Released: March 2018
Cat: WCR072 / Wharf Cat