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by Kidbug

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Kidbug's roots date back to December 2018. while at Joyful Noise Recordings' Indianapolis label headquarters for their annual holiday party, Australian transplant Adam Harding was first introduced to the Croatian-born, Netherlands-based artist Marina Tadic. When Tadic learned that Harding was also an accomplished video maker, she asked if he would make a video for Eerie Wanda before she was due to leave town. According to Tadic, the creative sparks started flying immediately, inspiring a series of long-distance musical love letters. The initial results were raw, personal, and naked in their emotional honesty, with a purity of expression that Tadic and Harding were eager to preserve. To achieve full cohesion, strong rhythmic components were required: Best Coast's Bobb Bruno was recruited for bass and additional guitar, and 2019 Joyful Noise artist in residence Thor Harris was tapped for drums and percussion.

Released: June 2020
Cat: JNR329
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings



1. Now Let's Go To Sleep
2. Lovesick
3. Good inside
4. Moonglue
5. Never
6. Woozy
7. Theme from kidbug
8. Together
9. Stay
10. Yesterdays
11. Dreamy (feat. Dale Crover)

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Staff Review
Blew our brains out while we were looking the other way

Kidbug is the kind of record we love at Record Culture. An album we were not too well versed on at first (a rare occasion!), it crept up on us steadily and then blew our brains out while we were looking the other way. A collaborative project that features members of Eerie Wanda, Swans, Best Coast and Dumb Numbers, Kidbug play what they themselves coin “cuddlebug sludge”. The caustic, grinding riffs are, true to their word, sludgy as you like. Greasy and unclean. But then there is a sort of fluffy, warm blanket of coasting indie pop waiting to snuggle you up. And so we have "cuddlebug sludge." ‘Together’ is about the best example of this dueling genre-work at play. On the one hand an oily glob of driving grunge, on the other a sweet indie melody that floats above the oil slick, creating a song that would make Garbage or Sleeper envious.