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We buy records. Click here for the info
We buy records. Click here for the info

Mystery Discovery Pack: 6 Pieces


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Like most record shops that specialise in fresh new music, particularly stuff that is niche, interesting, underground, or otherwise not one of your general big-hitters, we often have overstocks of great albums that perhaps didn't get the exposure they deserved.

Often with these types of albums, we have a very small window of opportunity in which to turn people onto them and, if we miss it (or it's at a time when people aren't paying attention), they can get consigned to history. A bit grand that statement but you get the idea.

So to ensure some of these great releases go on to find good homes, we've created our Mystery Discovery Packs! 

Our new Mystery Discovery Packs, available as a pack of 3, 4, or 6 records, enable us to find good homes for some lesser-known releases, as well as create much-needed space and top up the kitty for buying fresh stuff. In turn, you get some records at a really great price and hopefully discover a few new favourite artists.

A Promise: Mystery Discovery Packs do not contain crap. They contain records, usually always mint and sealed, that we simply have too many copies of. It is not a vehicle to offload garbage.

Surprises are great. Even so, nobody wants to receive a box of records they are going to hate! So you have a few loose genre options you can toggle between if you wish. That said, due to the very nature of the scheme, these will not always work out perfectly or be entirely possible but it will help us curate the boxes as best we can. If you're willing to give over complete creative control, there is the 'SURPRISE ME' option available!

NOTE: By the very nature of the mystery element, we of course cannot account for sending you something you potentially already have. In such hopefully rare events, we are unable to do swaps or returns on such things, sorry.

Customer Reviews

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I'm here to talk about my 6 pack

Yeah so I've got a default genre. And yeah, I creep back those guitar bands without really thinking about it. And of course I feel guilty checking out different music by affording them all of 20 secs of my time as I scroll through mailers, YouTube, Spotify, whatever.

A £60 mystery pack from Record Culture not only showed my habit as breakable, but opened doors to stuff I'd never have entertained.

I'm not gonna tell you what I got cos it's a mystery right. But I'll tell you that you won't be disappointed, that you'll open some sonic doors and - and I'm reaching here - you might even learn a thing or two about yourself.

Cheers all. I'll do this again some day.