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Do The Duvet


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Naked Roommate was conceived in 2018 by Amber Sermeńo & Andy Jordan - partners in art & life - as a playful aside from their roles in Oakland’s most dearly-departed ensemble, The World. With a handful of twitching insta-sketches, each addled with late-nite D.I.Y. quiver, the duo’s side-hustle sprouted in classical easy/cheap fashion. As “global” concerns slowed, compatriots Michael Zamora (a superbly slanted multi-instrumentalist late of Bad Bad) and Alejandra Alcala (the region’s one true bass supervisor, also of bright lights Blues Lawyer and Preening) joined Sermeńo & Jordan as additional exposed flesh. In full form, Naked Roommate has not only become a must-see, ever-evolving live act, but architects of Do The Duvet, one of the most intriguing and inspired recordings to come out of 2020’s American subterranea. Do The Duvet proffers leftfield hijinks via punk execution, answering all the questions posed by questionable post-punk revivalism with sour lemon sneering and cherry-sweet smiles. It’s a fever dream, really…A flailing, sparking wire of hyper-compressed rhythms (breathing and synthetic), devolved guitar work and minced electronic compost. 

Released: September 2020
Cat: UTR132
Label: Upset The Rhythm



1. Mad Love
2. We Are The Babies
3. Fondu Guru
4. Credit Union
5. Je Suis Le Bebe
6. Fake I.D.
7. Fill Space
8. (Do The Duvet Pt. 2)
9. Repeat
10. (Re) P.R.O.D.U.C.E