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Rhys Bloodjoy is a one-man noise machine, using sophisticated loops, echo-drenched harmonies and reverb-soaked melodies to create a truly unique blend of cold wave and psychedelia. Dubbed by the Manchester Evening News as “lo- brilliance”, the Bloodjoy experience was born in the underground scene in 2013, Rhys has since gained in strength and stature, honing his sound to create soundscapes that result in electrifying live performances. Backstage Ma a con rm this stating “he’s not just one to watch, he’s one to absorb.” The man himself has been suspiciously quiet for a while following a move from Manchester’s cobblestones to the mountainous climbs of Southern Spain. But one should always know, when someone like Bloodjoy goes quiet, something is afoot... Following the release of AA digital single ‘Run From the Hunter/Celebration’ this spring, he now presents his debut album Human.Pattern.Repeat, worldwide as a limited edition blood-red vinyl release via Sister9 Recordings. To accompany the release comes a full-length subversive video, shot by Bloodjoy in his Spanish hideout whilst in forced hiatus due to COVID-19. Whilst this is bad for most, he took the time handed to him and pulled together what can only be described as a stroke of master craftsmanship. ‘Death by Succubus’ draws you in with its lyrical swoon which hypnotises and o ers complex layers of sound before ‘Suck’ takes you further down the rabbit hole. The aforementioned AA single ‘Run From the Hunter / Celebration’ have already earnt him accolades, with press across Europe picking up on his distinct brand of noise. ‘Birth canal Contemplation Blues’ is about as melodic as things will ever get, take note of its upbeat countenance and hopeful lyrics. ‘Infernal Regions’ could make the hardiest diabolist turn their head and in ‘Human.Pattern.Repeat’ anyone can nd a sound that says something to them alone. Human.Pattern.Repeat marks the end of a long chapter in the Bloodjoy story and brings with it the start of something new, dark, and drenched. .

Released: November 2020
Cat: S9029-12
Label: Sister 9 Recordings



1. Death By Succubus
2. Suck
3. Run From The Hunter
4. Birth Canal Contemplation Blues
5. Celebration
6. Infernal Regions
7. Human.Pattern.Repeat.