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Cuz Schoolly D Is Crazy

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Jesse B Weaver, since christened Schoolly D, is one of the most iconic figures in rap music. Within the hip- hop industry, Schoolly is considered to be the creator of gangster rap via his globally acclaimed singles ‘P.S.K.’ and ‘Gucci Time’. Schoolly D has transcended the boundaries of genre and created “rap” music that has been integrated in films, animated series and sampled by some of the most prolific acts in music including the Beastie Boys, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Lil Wayne and The Chemical Brothers.

Deemed a “pioneer” by Jay-Z (Decoded, 09) and credited by Ice-T as releasing the first gangsta rap record (Props Magazine), Schoolly D’s career has given inspiration to countless musicians and fans alike. Songs like ‘Gucci Time’, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘P.S.K. What Does It Mean?’ have become classics and illustrate the uncompromising narrative that has become synonymous with the hardcore gangsta rap of the eighties. His true-to-life lyrics give a snapshot of the streets of his hometown, Philadelphia, and the influences that drugs and gang life had on him as a young man. Today, Schoolly D has an almost cult-like following, as his music continues to be referential. Even younger generations have been turned onto him thanks to his work with Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

This release is Schoolly’s 2021 album ‘Cuz Schoolly D Is Crazy’ and features a remake of his classic ‘P.S.K.’ with appearances by B- Real from Cypress Hill and Too Short. The album also features appearances by Chuck D and Ice-T. The album was recorded using the same studio and production of his legendary first three albums. It’s reminiscent of his early work and showcases his rhythmic raps, mastery of beats and sometimes-explicit lyrics, proving the lasting power of one of rap’s legendary b-boys.

Released: November 2021
Cat: RN1001
Label: Wienerworld Music



Disc 1
1. The S The C The H (It’s Schoolly)
2. Real Rhymes And Real Raps
3. Oh Shit
4. Jordan's Dream
Disc 2
5. The Epic (Featuring Chuck D)
6. These Rhymes Are Dedicated (To All The B-Boys B-Girls All Over The World)
7. The Real Hardcore (Featuring Ice-T)
8. 82,83,84,85 (Watcha Young Brother Come Alive)
9. Psk Remix 2021

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